Pump, Centrifugal, 800 m3/h at 130 mlq - Framo PB10   QTY.:1 each

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West EUROPE Location: Agotnes, Norway
Seawater centrifugal pump or crude oil pump. Up to 800 m3/h at 13 Bar. Unused. No motor.
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PB 10

The pump is an unused spare pump for a fire pump system.
See pictures of typical application mounted on diesel engine.

The pump is a special design single stage double volute centrifugal pump for direct coupling to the prime mover.
The pump is horizontal mounted to the frame provided with horizontal suction flange or vertical suction flange connection.
Discharge flange (volute casing) can be swivelled to the position as wanted in step of 30°.
Tapped openings for venting. draining and suction and discharge gauge connections.
Suction flange and discharge flange are according to ANSI standard dimensions.

Capacity Examples:
Capacity 100% : 454 m3/h, 75 m head liquid, 2000 RPM, power consumption 123 kW.
Capacity 150% : 694 m3/h, 62 m head liquid, 2000 RPM, power consumption 150 kW.
Impeller: 345 mm (The capacity and head can be altered by using an other impeller size)
Flange inlet: ANSI B16,5 10"150
Flange outlet: ANSI B16,5 10"150
Weight: 350 kg.

Can be delivered with skid and diesel engine, or electric AC motor.

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