Hoist, Chain, Air, 25 T SWL (e.g. for BOP handling)   QTY.:2 each

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Ingersoll Rand
Ingersoll Rand air driven chainhoist, 25 T, with trolleys, suitable as BOP hoist. Used with low hours. In very good condition.
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Ingersoll Rand
LCA250QIP 10M 9 C-E

Air driven hoist:
Ingersoll Rand airdriven chainhoist, model LCA250QIP 10M 9 C-E
Safe Working Load 25 Tonne on four falls of chain.
10 meter lifting height and 9 meter remote control.
745 mm headroom hook-hook (can be reduced by modifications)
Chain box, emergency stop, limit switches and overload protection
Air filter, lubricator and air regulator.
The hoist comes with disc brake in closed oilbath, top and bottom hook and limit switches.
Overload protection and emergency stop are built into the hoist.
A very accurate progressive push button remote control gives smooth operation and perfect control.
The gear motor are made in composit and require minimum lubrication.
It is a robust motor which are suited to handle "bad quality" air.
Comes for use in zone 2 area.

Superclamp trolleys, model GBT-5
Safe Working Load 25 Tonne.
Furnished with 9 meter hand chain. (Optional with airmotor drive)
Adjustable to beam sizes with flange from 203 mm to 457 mm.
cirka 500 mm headroom from underside wheels to shackle (can be reduced by modifications)
(Note: headroom measurement will vary depending on beam flange size and flange thickness)

The trolley comes with 4 wheels, anti tilt system and shackle for hoist.
Comes for use in zone 2 area.

This is used equipment with low operation hours.
All items are in very good condition and will be delivered with new certificates.
New top coat paint will be applied so they will look "almost like new".

New test certificate
Certificate of conformity
Users manual
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