Davit, Single Point, 2.9 T SWL - for rescue boat - Schat Harding - Unused   QTY.:1 each

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Listing ID: UL 03875
West EUROPE Location: Agotnes, Norway
Umoe Schat-Harding AS
Davit SWL 2900 kg w/ Winch rated 5.1 T for Single Point Davit for MOB / Rescue Boat. Fixed Unused.
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Umoe Schat-Harding AS

W50RS Rescue Boat Winch for Singel Arm Davit

Winch type: Single drum, gravity lowering, el.hoisting.
Safe working moment SWM: 11.7 kNm
Max. wirepull on 2.layer: 51 kN
Drum diameter: 406 mm
Drum length: 300 mm
Drum capacity (2 layers, Ø18mm wire): 44 m
Lowering capacity (Ø18mm wire): 40 m
Hoisting speed at 50Hz: 22 m/min. * 60Hz: 20 m/min.
Lowering speed: Adjustable up to 90m/min.
Max. wirepull, hoisting: 51kN

El.motor, size: 7BA 160 L21
3 x 440V, 60 Hz, 3520/1750 rpm, 20/15 kW,
In=34/26,8A, Is=276/189 A
3 x 380V, 50 Hz, 2930/1462 rpm,
17,5/13kW, In=34,5/26,9 A, Is=290/193 A
Heater: 220 V, 40 W
Starting method: Direct on line

Protection grades
El.motor: IP56
Starter unit: IP56
Push button control: IP66
Limit switch: IP67

Gear ratio, drum-El.motor: 1:232 * 1:175
Lowering brake: Hydraulic
Holding brake: Multiple disk brake

Paint specification: See technical specification "Surface preparation"

Weight, incl. oil: 1350 kg
Weight, dry 1260 kg

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