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Dales Engineering
Cable Carousel, capacity 140T, Suitable for offshore use
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Dales Engineering
140T Carousel Hose Deplyment System


All components have been lifted on to various vessels using a 120tonne mobile crane. The system has carried Coflexip, Wellstream, Manuli and Alfagoma flexible pipes. The steelwork was mostly completed by Dales Engineering in 1995, the hydraulics by Grampian Hydraulics.

This system is complete with the following items:

The system has been used on 8 occasions in offshore deployment or recovery operations, and a number of times in the yard for transpooling operations

The base was designed to fit on normal anchor handlers and supply vessels, limited only by a few vessel’s deck strength if less than 3te/m². The base has a footprint of 8m x 10m (see drawing overpage), and is fitted with four pairs of roller wheels supporting the bobbin. The base has two hydraulic motors with gear drive that mesh with an outer ring of roller gears on the bobbin. Each McTaggart Scott motor can be isolated in case of any problem. A pull test using one motor achieved a 40tonne pull at the hub.

The base comprises two levels of I beams, and a separate H shaped foundation beam designed to spread the load on the deck of a vessel. The wheels are mounted on the main diagonal cross members, stiffened by square sections and an outer perimeter guard rail. The motors are mounted at opposite ends with their gear boxes above.

The bobbin is located over a central pole on the base, and sits on the eight wheels (two bearings presently require replacement after 4 years). It is 4 metre radius with a 2 metre radius central hub. This was designed for, and has accommodated, 3000m of 6” ID flexible hose. Additional storage is provided on top of the bobbin by a series of poles that can be placed in their sockets (as fitted in the photo on the previous page). Total product weight 140 tonnes. Base weighs 28te, bobbin 30te, both fitted with lifting padeyes.

Power packs

Containerised units powered by JW6 Lister diesel engines (water cooled), rated at 104bhp at 1800rpm, fitted with 150 gallon diesel tank. Container 12ft x 8ft x 9ft high. Weight 11tonnes, c/w pad-eye and lifting slings, also fitted for forklift handling. Equipped for Zone 1 location.
Only one powerpack necessary to operate the entire carousel at full capacity, including vertical level winder. A full set of hydraulic hoses all with quick connect couplings individually sized and marked to avoid mis-connection at both powerpack, control room and carousel ends.
Fully serviced with low running hours. Regularly run and tested.

Control room

A standard 8 x 6 container was modified by Grampian Hydraulics with a control panel fitted at one end, surrounded by windows. Controls include:
· Variable speed carousel drive, forward and reverse - automatic brake system fitted; lever is fitted as fail stop;
· Operating hydraulic pressure gauge marked with pull tensions;
· Level winder control (up/down).
Access ladder and safety rails for placing on top of a rigging container are included.

Level winder
Base size is 2.5m square, and 9m high, weight 3tonnes, designed to spool hose over the entire bobbin. A teflon rollered chute is fitted with teflon rollers around a square section post, and raised or lowered by a sheaved wire driven by a Mctaggart Scott hydraulic motor, powered from the main powerpack.
Fitted with lifting padeye and configured for forklift handling.

Deployment chute
Built by Dales Engineering for Victoria to sit on the stern of workclass vessels. This is a substantial chute with fitted steel rollers on the chute and the sides, a fitting for a 1 tonne davit arm, and a side walkway.
The chute is designed to match the height of the base of the carousel, and has a large flare outboard for varying hose deployment angles. It is designed for a minimum bend radius of 2.6 metres.

Total length is 6.1m with 2.6m outboard.
Width 3.1 m.
Height 4.6m from bottom of outboard flare.

Fitted with lifting padeyes c/w four leg sling; also suitable for forklift handling.

Need major refurbished
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