BOP, 7-1/16", 10000 psi, Hydril   QTY.:1 each

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BOP, 7-1/16” 10M Hydril Type X Double Ram, 10M Flange Top x 10M Flange Bottom, refurbished
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7-1/16 10K double ram

1 ea.    BOP, 7-1/16” 10M Hydril Type X Double Ram, 10M Flange Top x 10M Flange Bottom, w/ (2) 4-1/16" 10M & (2) 2-1/16" 10M Flange Side Outlets c/w (2) 4-1/16" 10M & (2) 2-1/16" 10M Blind Flanges installed, Stainless Steel Lined Ring Grooves, H2S Trim, 47-1/4" Tall
            Original OEM Hydril manufacture
            Remanufactured by API 16A and ISO 9001 Licensed Facility
            Furnished c/w New Aftermarket Seal Kit installed
            Furnished c/w 2 Sets Ram Assemblies (3-1/2”and Blind) installed
            Furnished c/w Data Book to include:  Licensing Certification for Repair Facility, Hardness Survey complying with NACE MR-0175 specifications, Dimensional Inspection Report, Magnetic Particle Inspection Reports, Dye Penetrant Inspection of Ring Grooves, Drift Test, Certification for any Chrome/Colmonoy Plating (as applicable), Welding Procedures/Specifications, Stress Relief Certification, Certificates of Conformance for New Rubber Seals Certificate of Test and Hydrostatic (Well Bore & Shell) and Hydraulic (Open and Close) Test Charts, Operations Manual and Parts List
2-7/8” Ram Assemblies for above BOP c/w new aftermarket ram rubbers installed
            Furnished c/w Hardness Survey in compliance w/ NACE MR-0175 Specifications for ram blocks and COC for ram rubbers

2 ea.    Carbon Steel Ring Gasket, BX-156 (f/ 7-1/16” 10M Flange)
24 ea. (2 Sets) Stud Bolts, B7 All-Thread plain finish, 1-1/2” x 11-3/4” Long c/w (2) 2H hex nuts each (f/ 7-1/16” 10M Flange)
BOP, 7-1/16", 10000 psi,  Hydril - UL05895 - - IMG_2383.JPGBOP, 7-1/16", 10000 psi,  Hydril - UL05895 - - IMG_2386.JPGBOP, 7-1/16", 10000 psi,  Hydril - UL05895 - - IMG_2387.JPGBOP, 7-1/16", 10000 psi,  Hydril - UL05895 - - IMG_2388.JPG

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