Equipment Supply, Surplus Management and Asset Recovery Services.

Quipbase is an Equipment Database covering the Oil and Gas-, Drilling-, Offshore-, Subsea-, Shipping- and Maritime Industries. contains used equipment for sale or rent, and equipment that is wanted by our clients. The searchable database helps to quickly locate available equipment and material for ongoing or new operations or projects. can be used as an efficient marketing tool, presenting surplus equipment and material to potential buyers all over the world. If you allow us to list your surplus equipment or material in, we will contact you if we locate a buyer. There is no upfront cost associated with this service. The purchase and sale process will be based on common international trade terms and conditions. is owned and published by Quips IT AS, and customers are mainly companies (i.e. business to business).


Since 1995 Quipbrokers AS have specialised in Equipment Supply, Surplus Management, Asset Recovery & Liquidation Services for equipment and material. We are a well established and financially sound company, and are rated in real time by Credit Rating Bureau Dun & Bradstreet.

We are offering the following services:

  • Equipment Supply of both used and brand new equipment, and rental equipment. Short delivery time all over the world is our specialty. We have saved many customers from downtime by prompt supply of required spare parts.
  • Surplus Equipment Management. We use our equipment database system to keep track of our client’s surplus equipment and material from formally handed over to us for marketing and sale, to it has been sold or finally disposed. The database also handles electronic documentation and certificates that will be required for reuse. Our clients may at any time log-in and check status of their surplus equipment and material, and keep track of historical information on what equipment has been sold or disposed of otherwise.
  • Asset Recovery and Liquidation Services. We can recover the potential value of your surplus and idle assets efficiently. We may start the process by checking specifications and pictures of the surplus equipment and material you have in stock. We will within short time provide an estimation of the market value, and a proposal for outsourcing the marketing and sale process to us. The estimation will be performed without any cost or further commitments to the owner.

Storage facilities

We can offer storage facilities for consigned equipment and material in several locations around the world. If required, our clients' surplus material may be preserved and stored at these facilities.

Our services are offered all over the world and will be to no cost our clients until equipment or material has been sold. We also supply used (or unused) equipment in "as is" condition or fully overhauled and certified (DNV, ABS, LRS) according to our customers requirements. Delivery can be made to any location in the world by air- or sea freight.

Does your company have a stock of surplus equipment and material?

We can recover stored and idle assets efficiently. Let us start the process by overviewing the equipment and material and make an appraisal of the market value. This will be performed without any cost or further commitments to the Owner. We will need a list and some pictures of your surplus equipment and material, preferably sent to us by email. If we think we can recover the assets efficiently, we will respond with our proposed commercial terms and conditions for performing the job. If we are awarded the job, we will start the process of registering your equipment and material in and perform targeted marketing to our customers all over the world.

Alternatively you may allow us to list the equipment and material in without any cost or further commitments, and we will contact you if we locate a buyer. Quipbrokers will purchase the equipment or material for the quoted price, mark the price up and sell the goods on to the buyer. The sale will simply be based on common international trade terms and conditions.

For more information, see Marketing and Sale Service.