Equipment Marketing and Sale Service

We perform Surplus Management and Asset Recovery Services.

Let's recover your stored and idle investments efficiently. As long as it is not obsolete, your surplus equipment represents money, and perhaps a lot of money! Our services add value to your surplus equipment.

There are mainly two ways of how we can work for you:

  1. Outsource the work to Quipbrokers based on a Brokerage Contract

    Quipbrokers can be your agent / broker selling your surplus equipment. This service is based on that the equipment owner is signing a standard brokerage agreement with Quipbrokers that provides us with an exclusive right to sell the equipment. In the contract we will agree to a fixed commission of the sales price, as well as the other terms and conditions.

    We take care of the complete process starting with overviewing, listing equipment in, quotations to customers, negotiations, inspections and paperwork. If required we also organize transport to the new owner. This service is of no cost to you until the equipment is sold (i.e. no sale, no cost). When equipment is sold we will charge the agreed commission of the sales price. Our goal will thus be the same as your goal: - to obtain the best price possible as quickly as possible.

    Our customers are very pleased with the fact that they don't receive any consultants fee from Quipbrokers even if we have used a lot of time and efforts trying to sell their surplus equipment without success. What our customers receive is money when their surplus equipment is sold, and peace in mind if the final result is that some of the surplus equipment need to be scrapped because it is obsolete and there is no market for it.

  2. Without any Contract

    Alternatively you may simply list your surplus equipment in without any cost or further commitments to you before Quipbrokers find a buyer for the equipment. By registering your surplus equipment in through our customer portal, or by sending equipment lists with description to us, we can also include your equipment in our general marketing activities. Quipbrokers will be the listed contact and receive any request for quotations from potential customers, but we do not claim any exclusive sales rights from you. Quipbrokers will simply purchase the equipment for the price quoted from you, and sell it on to the buyer. The sales procedure for you will be exactly the same as selling to any of your other regular customers.

    We may also consider purchasing your equipment to our own stock before we have found a buyer. A lot of the equipment currently listed in is actually from our own equipment stock.

    For your surplus equipment registered in we are depending on you to inform us of any changes in status. e.g. if you have sold the equipment.

Why should you use our services?

From our startup in 1995, Quipbrokers have developed a unique experience and expertise in the Surplus market. We have a extensive network of contacts, partners and freight forwarders worldwide.

  • We can quickly estimate a possible market value for your assets.
  • We will identify any issues and suggest solutions.
  • We can identify the valuable assets before they are decommisioned.
  • Some of the equipment might require refurbishment, modifications, upgrades or recertification. This increases the risk, and it is essential to identify the potential cost and sales value before the process is started. We have a worldwide network of contacts, and handle or support this process.
  • We can advise upon preservation and quality storage.
  • We can handle the sales process completely - or support your sales process, if you prefer to handle it yourself.
  • Buying and selling worldwide requires knowledge of regulations, customs declarations and freight alternatives. We can handle or support this process.

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