Frequently Asked Questions
Answer: There is NO COST charged for presenting equipment or material in

Answer: There is NO COST charged for this service. The cost will be charged as part of the quoted price if we find and offer equipment or material that you finally purchase.

Answer: Quipbrokers AS operate like any other supply and trading company and will "mark-up" the price before we quote it on to the buyer. However, we also operate as "Brokers" on high value equipment like complete drilling rigs, barges, cranes, gas turbines etc. In these cases we will charge a commission from the seller according to an mutually accepted brokers agreement.

Answer: We do not claim exclusive sales rights and there are no further obligations for the owner for listings, except that we expect the owner to keep us updated on the availability status of the equipment and material. We will hold an exclusive sales right for equipment and material assigned to us based on a mutually signed brokers agreement.

Answer: We are sorry, direct contact listing is not our policy. You will find websites dedicated to advertising if you prefer to market the equipment and material yourself.

Answer: The warranty terms will be stated in our quotations. Normally surplus- and used equipment will be sold "as is, where is" with as much information as possible about technical and visible condition. New or overhauled equipment will often include up to 12 months warranty from the workshop.

Answer: We are depending on the owner of the equipment to inform us about the status, e.g. if they have sold the equipment or for some other reason it is not for sale any more. Unfortunately, sometimes the owner forget to inform us, so we also check the availability status of the equipment on a regular basis. But this may in any case represent a delay in the updating of status.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or comments.