Valid from date: 2018-04-20


  • 2018-04.20 Changes and updates related to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for EU
  • 2016-01-20 Updated

1. General information on The Service

The Service is an Internet-based public marketplace for users in order to find and request advanced surplus or used equipment for the Offshore and Onshore energy industries. The Service presents an up to date selection of equipment for sale.The purpose of The Service is to publish advertisements of equipment on the Internet. Sales agreement regarding a equipment or unit/lot ("Object") is always drawn up and entered into between the sales/owner representative ("seller") and the client ("buyer") directly. Quips IT is in no way involved in the transaction or the sales contract. All details of the Object are provided by the seller. Quips IT is not responsible for the information presented in the advertisement in the The Service.
The purpose of the advertisements published in The Service is solely to inform and give users the ability to find available used and surplus equipment. Quips IT cannot guarantee that the data supplied by seller is free from errors. Before buying a Object that is advertised on The Service, the buyer is obliged to check with the seller all the details that may affect the object and contract terms. Your contracting partner (seller) is and will be the legal part related to your lease, should any concerns or problems arise.

2. Eligibility and Registration

The Service is open available to all individuals and entities, but is basically a B2B service. The service is not intended for minors (below 16 years of age). You represent and warrant that all user information provided if or when you register or submit a form is accurate and complete.
If you are registering with Quips IT as a business entity, you represent that you have the authority to legally bind that entity. You are solely responsible for all conduct and transmissions that take place under your User name and password. Quips IT may ask for additional information at any time to verify your registration information. Quips IT may, in its sole and absolute discretion, refuse to accept a party's registration.

Quips IT may terminate your user rights if the information provided is insufficient or incorrect or if you have neglected to notify about changes upon our request. Quips IT can also deny you the right to useThe Service and cancel your account if you act against the terms and conditions. Quips IT has also at its disposal the means of legal protection which the law determines.
If registered with a user name and password, you must keep this safe from access for unauthorized persons. As a user of The Service, you must immediately notify Quips IT by phone or e-mail if a third party has gained access to your user name or password. Until the message is received, you are responsible for the use of The Service with your user name and password, although the use would be unauthorized by you.

By using this service, you accept our Terms and Conditions, as outlined in this notice, including all linked documents.

3. Data protection and use of cookies

Quips IT respects the users' privacy and will use commercially recognized security measures and methods to prevent inappropriate use or theft of any personal data provided to The Service.
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

4. Electronic Communications and Agreements

We will communicate with you by posting messages and news on this site. In addition you will receive e-mails to confirm actions or registrations you do on The Service. This might be new registrations, password-resets, requests from customers etc. These types of messages is not possible to opt out of, since they are required for the operation of The Service. However, you might be able to fine-tune this in your settings.

As a registered user, you can subscribe to newsletters and updates from us by opting in on this in your settings. If you would like to end one or more subscriptions you can do so by deselecting it in your settings, or use the 'Unsubscribe' link in the email.

All your agreements and sign up processes are in accordance with the new "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR) for EU, which will be effective from May 2018.Please read our Privacy Policy to know more about how we store or use your personal data.

5. Information on advertised Objects

All data concerning The Object and The Object's condition is based on a subjective assessment by the Seller. The user should ascertain that The Object is in expected state before committing to a binding agreement with the Seller.
Quips IT is not responsible for the correctness of such information.

6. Charges and Billing

It is free to use or register as a user of The Service, read ads, contact Sellers and to submit enquiries.

7. Intellectual Copyright and Property Rights

The user acknowledges that all intellectual property rights with respect to the web sites, the domains, the sub domains, the design, the text, the content, the images, the logo, the trade names, the trademark Quipbase, the software and program material and other material contained in The Service belongs to Quips IT AS, with the exception of the content of any ads, and the user hereby explicitly waives any rights in respect of such intellectual property. Unless Quips IT has explicitly given written permission, the users may not distribute, publish, reproduce, make available to the public or commercially or otherwise exploit the protected material.

For notice of claims of copyright or other intellectual property right infringement, Quips IT AS can be reached by using the Contact information provided on our 'Contact us' page.

8. Compensation for damages and limitation of liability

Quips IT does not warrant that The Service will operate error-free or that The Service and its servers are free from computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms. Quips IT cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from errors, computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms. If the use of The Service results in the need for servicing or replacing equipment or data, Quips IT is not responsible for these costs. The Service is delivered "as is" and Quips IT is not responsible for any damages caused by the use of The Service or the malfunction or failure of The Service.
Quips IT commit to fixing errors or removing damaging elements as soon as they are discovered, or notified about it. Quips IT is not responsible for damage caused by user or third party or damage that Quips IT could not reasonably have foreseen.
On The Service you may find links to other Internet sites that are published by external service providers which are independent from Quips IT. Although Quips IT offers you links to these services, Quips IT wants to point out that these services are provided by the relevant service providers and are to be used on terms determined by those suppliers. Quips IT is not responsible in any way for the products or services of others.

9. Availability

Quips IT has the right, without notice, in whole or in part, remodel, remove, add or otherwise change the contents of The Service, or its operating times, technical details or other content. Quips IT has the right to temporarily suspend delivery of The Service for maintenance or modification of The Service and Quips IT cannot be held liable for such suspension, maintenance or modification.

10. Amendment of conditions

The selection and design of The Service is constantly evolving and therefore Quips IT reserves the right to change the conditions of its services. At the time of log-in the user shall be informed of the amended terms and conditions, or via e-mail. The amendments will become effective after log in or within 30 days after publishment of the amendments on The Service (including through email). If you continue to use The Service after the terms have been changed, you acknowledge that the new terms are binding on you even if you have registered as user prior to the new terms came into force.
Anonymous visitors accept the current terms and conditions stated on the service at the time of visit.

11. Feedback

If you believe that any material or information in The Service is incorrect or faulty, please notify us by sending information to Quips IT AS from the 'Contact us' page. Please describe the error or defect in detail in the message.

12. Nullity of Terms

If any term of these general terms is considered to be invalid, void or unenforceable to any extent, all remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect.

13. Force majeure

A party is not liable for breach of contractual obligations due to obstacles that are beyond the party´s influence (e.g. strike, lockout, data communication disorder, fire, theft, water damage, sabotage, vandalism or any other such unexpected event), obstacles a party reasonably could not predict when concluding the agreement and the consequences which the party could not reasonably have prevented.

14. Validity of terms

These binding conditions will take effect when you accept them by using The Service or by registering as a user on The Service. The conditions are valid for an indefinite period. Quips IT can always deny the user the right to use The Service if the user violates these conditions, interferes with other users or usage of The Service.

15. Early termination (for registered users)

Notwithstanding what is otherwise prescribed, either party may by notice cancel the agreement with immediate effect if:
a) Either party fundamentally breaches its responsibilities under this agreement and fails to remedy within 30 days after written request.
b) Either party suspends payments, offers instalment, goes bankrupt, becomes subject to seizure or other similar circumstance occurs that could reasonably be regarded as evidence of insolvency or liquidation.

16. Subcontractors

Quips IT has the right to use subcontractors in the provision of its services. Any sharing of your personal data with 3rd parties will be stated in the Privacy Policy.

17. Settlement of disputes and applicable law

These Terms of Use are governed by Norwegian law, excluding its choice of law provisions. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement, or the breach, termination or validity thereof, shall be finally settled by a Norwegian Court.

18. Questions?

If there are any questions regarding these Terms, you may contact us using the 'Contact us' page.