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NEW M-2 Zone 2 Offshore Wireline Units, complete and ready to log wells. 25,000 ft. 5/16" Line. Can paint to suit customer.
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A firm delivery schedule will be quoted after receipt of customer order.
All Manufactured Skid Units to be delivered FOB location (Incoterms 2000).

Customer may elect to have manufacturer install mono-conductor cables on each cable drum prior to shipment.
The cost of the cables and spooling charges is NOT included in quoted prices.

Customer may inspect work performed prior to any progress payments and/or prior to delivery.

Skid Unit Specifications:
Maximum foot print: 14’ L x 7.0’ W x 9.0’ H.

Modular design to include: Skid mounted removable engine package, removable cable drum or drum package, and cabin unit. Maximum weight per package: Cabin w/ skid and lifting cage - 5,600 lbs, Draw works module w/o cable - 3,500 lbs, and Engine package w/ lifting cage - 2,900 lbs. Maximum total weight w/o cable 12,000 lbs.

Cabin design for two (2) person operation. Dimension as shown. Cabin roof to have a slight crown for water run-off. Cabin and power pack to be shock mounted.

Drum, Cabin and Engine Units to have individual Lifting Frames with pin style attachment for single lift capability. Engine package is capable of operating complete system either attached in single lift configuration, or detached with 25’ umbilical. Cable drum/drum assembly is designed to allow cable change at wellsite location within 2 hours.

Cabin frame is constructed with ladder and roof mounted catwalk to facilitate lifting sling access.

All skid assemblies to include drip pans for grease/oil containment with removable drain plugs.

Integral 30 gallon air storage tank to be used for 150 psi compressed air storage. Storage tank to be equipped with drain points and petcock valves. Quick connection installed to allow external air supply.

Machined Alloy Steel cable drum. Drum to be capable of holding 24,000’ of 5/16” mono-conductor cable. Design to accept internal gearbox for IED hydrostatic direct drive system.

Oil-filled collector ring assembly, IEC Corporation Model IEL-BX-02 MOD, to be included.

Cable drum drive mechanism to be chainless, and built to receive gear reduction box and direct-drive hydraulic motor. (Standard speed allow smooth drum rotation in range from 5 to 1000 fpm).

Hydraulic system to be equipped with oil cooler and Raycor filters.

Protective Drum Guard(s). All guards are constructed of aluminum and hinged or removable for easy access to drum motor and bearing service.

Fluid collection tray under measure head.

Below Eye-Level steerable pivot mounted, hydraulically controlled, Cable Spooling System.

IED P/N TNS-101 Measuring Head. Measure head to be equipped with BEI, Model H25D-SS-600-ABC-5406R-LED-SM16-S (S = -40 to +70 C temperature test; immersion test; flat on shaft), 5 vdc encoder.

Line tension gauge to be electronic with accurate line tension measurement 0 to 10,000 lbs. Dash read-out instrument IED design.

Hoses and electrical connections to allow ease of disassembly for transport. All hydraulic hose connections to be stainless steel. Exposed electrical connections to be of water tight design, utilizing corrosion resistant connectors.
Cabin Unit T-6 aluminum construction w/ minimum 2”insulated walls, floor and ceiling.
Interior walls to be Marlite fiber glass sheeting Floor to be aluminum over 2’ insulation with rubberized tile covering.

Two desk style chairs on wheels for hoist operator and engineer are provided.

Two (2) reverse cycle, roof mounted air conditioning units. Units to be Coleman Model No. 7533 Marine units.

Marine Water Tight Entrance Door, no window glass. (Heavy Duty Model 11).

Safety Glass Winch Operators Window to allow full view of cable drum and rig up areas. Hinged Aluminum Cover for protection during transportation.

Customer seat approx. 19” x 17” w/ padded cushion. Location left side of entry door.

Interior below counter and overhead Storage Cabinets per drawing. Desk with integral light box provided per drawing.

Exterior Lighting:

2-12 VDC Rig and Cable Drum Spot Lights

2 - 110 VAC Quartz Rigging Lights
2 - 12 VDC Engine Compartment Lights
1 - 12 VDC Strobe Light (Green)

Interior Lightning:
2 - 110 VAC Fluorescent Lights
2 - 12 VDC Lights

A Dehumidifier w/ drain, installed under counter to right of operator’s console.

Ceiling mounted computer rack (Rack to be 3 bays with openings 19” Width x 15” Height x 25” Deep. IED Model PDM 14-19-25). Locate over desk. Wiring connections for computer system provided by IED upon placement of order.

All electrical and electronic wiring to be multi-stranded copper w/ shielded, twisted pair techniques to eliminate Radio-Frequency interference. All 12 vdc wiring between engine pack and main cabin to be 8 awg insulated stranded copper wiring to minimize voltage drops.

AC Electrical Power: Single hydraulic powered IED 10KW generator. Electronic generator/alternator disconnect on operators console.

Power distribution panel wired to allow any load to be supplied by generator. Circuit breaker protection for all 120 vac and 12 vdc circuits.

An independent 12 vdc, 25 amp continuous duty power supply to provide power for all 12 vdc systems while operating on rig power with engine shut off.

Power distribution panel equipped with voltage, current and frequency meters.

Safety Grounding System w/ 50’ of cable and two (2) ground clamps on spool.

All skid frames, lifting cage(s), ladder and steel protective guards to be hot dip galvanized.

Winchman’s console to include:
Engine Start / Stop
Engine Throttle
Engine Tachometer
Engine Oil Pressure
Emergency Shut Down Control
Fuel Level Indicator (or sight glass on fuel tank)
Engine Hour Meter
Engine Water Temperature
Electronic over Hydraulic Spooling Control (Model M115-1406 spring to center control, type).
Hydraulic Pressure Gauges (include charge and operating pressures).
Hydraulic by-pass control.
Up/ Down Cable Speed Control - Electronic over Hydraulic (Model M115-567 friction lock control, type.)
Air Pressure Gauge
Drum brake control (IED Model 02-540-060 Disc Brake).
Electronic Depth Indicator - (Model No. IEDLGPB).

All painted surfaces to be Dupont Imeron polyurethane 5000 series or equivalent.

All non-galvanized steel components, including engine, hydraulic pumps/motors, etc. to be cleaned, zinc demetcoat and gray polyurethane top coat provides corrosion and rust prevention. Cabin color scheme to be 2-tone,at customers provided scheme. Final paint scheme to be specified at time of order.

All non-structural fasteners to be stainless steel to minimize corrosion.

Power Unit w/ Frame and Lifting Eyes:
Cummins Model ME39P110P, water-cooled, turbocharged, 4 cyl. Diesel Engine.
Electronic engine speed control.
Engine equipped with Heavy-duty marine grade 12 vdc, 50 amp alternator and Heavy Duty 12 Volt Battery.
Engine to be equipped with high volume air compressor (13.5 cfm @ 150 psi max.).
Engine equipped with spark arrestor / silencing muffler.
Engine equipped with Raycor diesel fuel filters.
Engine to be equipped with emergency air and fuel shut-off control accessible from outside cabin.
12 VDC Electric Engine Starter
Engine to be shock mounted on IED P/N CB-1180-1 isolators.
Engine pack frame shock mounted on IED P/N CBA 24-650 isolators
50 Gallon Fuel Tank w/ sight gage
45 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Tank w/ sight glass level gauge.
Galvanized Metal Protective Side Screens to protect cabin during transport.

Documentation to be included with each skid unit on delivery:
Operation, troubleshooting and maintenance manual(s) w/ recommended service points and time intervals.
Functional electrical and hydraulic diagram of final assembly
Recommended spare parts list
Warranty information for all components
Quote delivery schedule per unit ARO.
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