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ABB Vetco Gray
1 ea. Circulation coupling Vetco 6 5/8" T B36 Recess for 3-1/2" & 5" Drill pipes. 400,000 LBS SWL; 3,500 PSI MWP.
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ABB Vetco Gray
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Weight 4,500 lbs, Tool Joint 4 1/2" API Profile (5" Drill Pipe). Lifting Capacity 400,000 lbs Static Lift, Working Pressure 3,500 PSI Max.

The Vetco Gray Rotating Fast Shut Off Coupling (RFSOC) is especially designed for problem holes.

Special features include:
* The ability to circulate mud through the drill string while tripping out of the hole ensuring that the formation pressure will not cause collapse and subsequent loss of the drillstring.

* None return valve positioned in the neck of the tool allows mud to flow immediately when a 100 psi differential pressure across the valves is senced.

* Small check valve which allows bleed down of the string back to the mud manifold with the tool locked onto the drill string.

* Permits rotation of the drill sring: f.e., needed when breaking out a tool joint while suspended one stand of pipe above the drillfloor.

* The load bearing dogs are in 320 degree circumferential contact with the tool joint, these are effectively actuated by four pneumatically operated cylinders located in the lower rotating outer casing. Bevel gears attached to the end of the dog pivot pins ensure that the dogs move smoothly and in unison when releasing the drill string tool joint.

* The air control system, run by rig air is mounted on the coupling body. This allows easier access by both derrickman and drill floor crew while ensuring minimum downtime between racking stands of drill pipe on even the most difficult of formations.

* The RFSOC can be designed to suit any specific size of drillstring programme. It can also include two replaceable insert sleeves with their respective dogs to enable one tool to run two different drill pipe size.
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