Winch, Hydraulic, 15 T, Single Drum - Diesel   QTY.:1 each

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Listing ID: UL 02110
West EUROPE Location: Norway
ATMO Winch, single drum diesel driven winch with local control, capacity 400 m of 41 mm cable, engine deutz 40Hp
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Lifting power 15 tons on one wire cable
Lifting speed variable and continuous from 0 to 6 m/min
Capacity of the drum : 400 m of cable

- Diesel engine: DEUTZ F 3L912, 40 HP, 1800 rpm
- Piston pump: DEN ION
- Drum assembly: ATMO

Non twisting galvanised wire
- Diameter : 41 mm
- Breaking load of the cable: 108 T
- Number of layers : 6
- Driven by hydraulic engine

Control : by means of local desk
Winch equipped with hydraulic braking system
Weight of the engine group : 1.55 T
Weight of the winch : 4.85 T
Weight of the cable: 2. 7 . T
Weight of the accessories 0.3 T
Total weight of the winch package : 9.4 T
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