Winch, Air, 1.5 T, Tugger - Monkeyboard   QTY.:1 each

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Ingersoll Rand
1 ea Ingersoll Rand air driven winch type LS1500R-PH10M-E. SWL 1500 Kg (3300 lbs) on last wire layer. Drum capacity 79 m of 10 mm wire
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Ingersoll Rand
LS1500R-PH10M-E, Monkeyboard

10 meter remote pendant control. Progressive drive and emergency stop.
Speed 7 m/min with full load. Air consumption 3,6 m3/min @ 6,3 bar

The LS1500R-PH10M-E winch are compact in design.
Heavy steel construction.
The motor is made in teflon material which are fit for "poor quality" air which are often found offshore.
The winch comes with CE marking, overload protection, drum guard, emergency stop, standard paint and foundation for bolting.
The brake is automatic self adjusting disc brake in closed oil bath.
The remote pendant control lever are progressive and very precise.
With the teflon motor the winch require minimum oil lubrication.
Oil mist in exhaust air and the work with refilling and pollution are hence avoided.


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