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GEB22A 1150HP ATEX Certified AC Drilling Motor, 7,550ft. lbs, 600 – 690VAC, 800 - 1800RPM
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1 x GEB22A 1150HP ATEX Certified AC Motor, 7,550ft. lbs, 600 – 690VAC, 800-1800RPM
  • 6-pole stator with form wound windings.
  • Copper alloy rotor bars and end rings.
  • Class H insulation, robotically taped, Mica-Kapton system.
  • Insulated non-drive end bearing.
  • Single shaft extension with hub. High strength 4340 alloy steel shaft .
  • Stainless steel main terminal box is IP56 with bus bar connections for main cable terminations. Terminal points for RTD & pressure sensor connections. Terminal box can be specified to be mounted on left “A” side or right “B” side of motor as viewed from non-drive end of motor.
  • (6) RTD’s, 100 ohm platinum, two per phase embedded in stator slots.
  • Pressure sensor.
  • Blower assembly: 13Kw, 460V, 60 Hz., EExde blower motor; meets or exceeds 3000 scfm of required ventilation air.
  • Drill motor is ATEX certified EExe II T3 by SIRA.
  • Space heater: 100 watt Eex. Eex termination box.
  • Motor is “CE” marked for use on “CE” marked AC drives.
  • Motor enclosure is IP44.
  • ABS certified shaft.
  • Motor is dimensionally interchangeable with the GE 752 motor; shaft height and mounting feet are the same.
  • Approximate Weight 6200 lb., 2812 kg

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