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Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit in lift frame, 250 KW, 500l/min 300 bar. DNV 2.7-1 certified
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1. Introduction
The outline specification for the proposed Diesel Power Unit is as follows:-
HPU Specification at 2000 rpm:-
Maximum Flow Rate - 500 l/min
Maximum Pressure - 300 Bar

Rig Safe Diesel Power Unit:-
A DnV 2.7-1 carbon steel , structural steel lifting and protective frame, with four lift pockets, inside which
will be mounted the following equipment, inline with PUWER.
Diesel Engine package ( see spec below)
Stainless Steel Diesel Fuel Reservoir for 15 hrs ( nominal) Running
Drive Coupling and Bell Housing to suit Engine and Pump Unit
Hydraulic Pump Unit – 280 cc/rev, Piston Pump with Variable Displacement.- Kawasaki K3VG -
1500 Litre – Stainless Steel Hydraulic Reservoir
Relief Valve Assembly
Return Filter Assembly
Discharge Check Valve Assembly.
Suction Valve
Suction Strainer
Visual Oil Level Gauge
Float Switch in Hydraulic Reservoir
2” BSP Male Discharge Connection
3” BSP Male Return Connection
11/2 ” BSP Male Drain Connection
1” BSP Male Reservoir Fill Connection
Discharge Pressure Gauge
Air Start Connection Point ( crowsfoot)
External of Protective frame to be fitted with louver front and rear panels and heavy duty doors, c/w
sound deadening foam inserts on all available internal surfaces. Top of frame to be fitted with Hose Tray
to contain 120 ft of 1 “ Multi Spiral and 120 ft of 1 ¼” Return Hose ( Hose’s not included in Cost). The
frame to have forklift pockets and supplied with 4 point lifting sling set.
Complete unit paint to customers preferred colour ( Green)
Frame contains collection tray for local small spillages, with separate drain point, plugged.
Frame is fitted with Earthing bosses.
Approximate Dimensions of Frame – 4400 mm long x 2000mm wide x 2606mm Overall Height.

One off New Volvo Penta TWD120VE, 6 cylinder, direct injected, turbocharged diesel powerpack
rated to produce 275 kW at 2000 RPM without fan losses, with full RIG SAFE certification for
250kW at 2000rpm.

Specification to Include:
Base frame with fixed mounts
Oil drain pump
Air filter including rain cover
Radiator, suction fan (puller fan)
Fan guard
Radiator guard
Belt guard
UV-guard for expansion tank
24 volt electrical system, including control panel.
60 Amp alternator,
Display control unit, DCU
Chalwyn valve
Spark arrestor (loose supply)
Air starter motor complete with relay valve and start button
Hydraulic adaptor SAE ‘ D4 flange and SAE 13 tooth 8/16DP splined shaft
Engine unit functional hot test

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