Hydraulic Power Unit, Diesel or Electric, offshore type, New by order   QTY.:On request

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Hydraulic Power Unit in lift frame, range from 2 x 25 kW and upwards, ATEX and DNV 2.7-1 certified.
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Features & Benefits:

It is designed with bespoke engineering to meet your requirements
ATEX certified equipment is a specialty and we can provide you with a fully ATEX certified HPU
It has a small footprint
It is designed to be multifunctional
It is a highly efficient HPU
It is engineered to operate with a low noise level
It is designed to be robust and long lasting
It has an offline cooling system
We offer a vast range of economic, reliable and compact hydraulic power units for operations in safe and hazardous areas including those requiring ATEX compliance.

Our standard electrical driven product range HPU’s comprises:

Series 1EL 2x 25kw aggregates. – Zone 1 option
Series 2EL 2x 37kw aggregates. – Zone 1 option
Series 3EL 2x 45kw aggregates. – Zone 1 option
Series 4EL 2x 55kw aggregates. – Zone 1 option
Series 5DL 1x 63kw aggregates. – Zone 2 option
Series 6DL 1x 95kw aggregates. – Zone 2 option
Standard and Options

CE Compliance
ATEX Compliant for Zone 1 and Zone 2 Areas
Transit frame for Offshore Lifts to DNV 2-7.1
Compact footprint for power rating
Ease of maintenance
Different starter options – DOL / Star / Delta / Air / Manual
80 / 112 / 140 cc/rev Pump selection with pressure and torque control as standard
Highly efficient filtration – 6µabs Pressure, 10µabs Return
Offline cooling with airblast or seawater
Pressure select option for 200/350 bar
Flow rates of 120/240/280 l/min.
Diesel or Electric driven prime mover
Multiple outlets and manifolds
Multiple pressure selection, local manual or electrical remote
Contamination analysis module
Sound proof enclosure. 80dbA at 1m
Integral discharge relief manifold
High temperature alarm/cut out
Low oil level alarm/cut out
Stainless Steel Reservoir

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