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Southeast ASIA Location: China
Heat-treated And Internally Hardened For High Durability; Available In Various Materials To Meet A Wide Range Of Applications
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Heat-treated and internally hardened for high durability; available in various
materials to meet a wide range of applications.standard one or two-piece
configuration, with designs available for pressure of 5000psi(35.1Mpa),
7500psi(52.7Mpa), and 10000psi(70.3Mpa); discharge connections available on
each side; suction connections on each side or front center.
Material is 35CrMoA or 40CrMoNn alloy forged steel. To get better fiber
texture, we use electric stove for second forging, or deoxidation treatment. It
is forged from three directions and the forging ratio is not less than 4.0:1.0.
It can not have crack, impurity, looseness, overburns, etc. And weld is not
allowed. It should be confirming to the stipulation of JB/TQ252-81, and should
be checked by gradeā…¢ After quenching the rough module will be rough processed,
then the hull hardness is HB285-330.

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