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Southeast ASIA Location: China
Crosshead And Crosshead Guide Are Made Of Astm A48-83 Meehanite Featuring Good Abrasion Resistance And Long Service Life.
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Crosshead and crosshead guide are made of ASTM A48-83 meehanite featuring good
abrasion resistance and long service life.Besides F-500 mud pump that is
cylinderical structure,upper and lower guide structures are used for other mud
pumps, so that the concentricity can be adjusted by adding space under the
lower guide.Flange-bolts with pinhole fit are used for connecting crosshead to
extention rod.This rigid connection ensures the concentricity of the extention
rod and crosshead.Coupling is used for connecting extension rod to
crosshead.Light coupling enables the extension rod and the crosshead to connect
to each orher with ease and reliableness.

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