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Electric water pump motor, 2500 kW, 6600V, 50 Hz
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Three-phase squirrel cage motors
Motor 2500KW 4pol. 6,6kV


Squirrel cage rotor

Ambient conditions
Indoor location
Ambient temperature: - 15 + 40 "C
Installation height < 1000 m

Technical data and accessories:
brand: European manufacturer
type: DWK630-04-159
frame size: 630

Data at mains operation
Power: 2500 kW
Speed 1490 1/min
number of poles 4
Voltage 6600V
Frequency 50Hz
Efficiency h 95,5%
Power factor cos f 0,89
Rated current 257,3 A
Rated torque 16023,5 Nm
Starting torque 60 %
Maximum torque 190%
Starting current 650 %
Construction form B3
protection type IP 55
sense of rotation CW
Insulation class F
used acc. class B direct on line operation

Cooling type IC81W with air/water heat exchanger
required cooling water quantity 27,00 m3/h
operation pressure 0,20 Mpa
water quality drinking water

Terminal box on right side
Terminal box on left side
External earthing screw
rolling-contact bearing
for direct coupling
Regreasing device

6 PT1 00 for winding temperature (3 reserve), monitoring by customer
3 -wire connections from terminal box
2 PT 100 bearings, monitoring by customer
3 -wire connections from terminal box
Anti-condensation heater 230 V 1 50 Hz, 1 ph
Separate terminal box
for PT100
for anti-condensation heater
Drain holes
SPM measuring nipples
Vibration grade A
Standard painting RAL 7030
(manufacturers standard)

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