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Diesel/Hydraulic in lift frame, 93 KW, 3000 psi, 200 l/min, Ex certified, Zone 2
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Performance: To DIN 6270

Intermittent power @ 2200 RPM - 93 kW (125 BHP)
Continuous power @ 2200 RPM - 84 kW (112.5 BHP)
Continuous torque @ 1750 RPM - 519 Nm

JCB 444 TCA Engine Build Details:

Turbo Charged (Water Cooled) & Intercooled 4 Cylinder industrial engine, including the following:- SAE flywheel 11.5” and SAE 3 Flywheel housing; engine oil cooler with vertical spin on oil filter assembly; industrial injection equipment with manual stop conversion, spin on fuel filter; heavy duty water pump with poly vee pulley; one piece plastic pusher fan; heavy duty twin elements air cleaner assembly.

Zone 2 Flame Protection Kit

Assembled into Flame Protected Powerpack form and fitted with:-

· Air Pre-charged air starter
· Heavy duty front and rear mounting legs
· Cooling system with heavy duty radiator suitable for 43°C ambient temperature
· Fan guarding complying to the machinery directive (98/37/EEC)
· Mechanically operated overspeed air shut-off valve complete with integral inlet flame arrestor element and manual shutdown control
· Cleancap 'manicooler' combined water cooled exhaust manifold and gas cooler with removable top for visual inspection and cleaning; latest internal arrangement reducing back pressure, ensuring full power and decreasing long term maintenance costs
· Dummy exhaust flame arrestor and exhaust outlet box with rearward facing outlet position
· Stainless steel exhaust spark arrestor
· Control system providing automatic fuel and air shutdown on high engine coolant temperature, high exhaust gas temperature, and low oil pressure
· Screwed dipstick and oil filler
· Anti static poly vee drive belt with self tensioning idler pulley
· Engine breather flame arrestor
· Full instrumentation in a stainless steel engraved control box panel mounted on side door recess, including tacho complete with hour meter, coolant temperature, oil pressure and exhaust temperature gauges
· Heavy duty throttle and stop cables fitted to control panel
· Painted in flame red or colour as required
· Exhaust flame trap
· Mechanical overspeed valve
· Pneumatic start inhibit kit
· Operators manual including certification, and declaration of conformity / incorporation to ATEX 94/9/EEC & Machinery directive 98/37/EEC


· Open loop Piston Pump with hydraulic control of direction, flow and pressure mounted on the control panel
· Pump output 200 l/min, 3000psi @ 1800 rpm
· Cast Iron ATEX drive coupling
· Hydraulic control panel c/w proportional control valves & load/unload valves. Stainless steel gauges to display hydraulic oil temp and system pressure
· Water / Oil heat exchanger
· Common bulkhead fitted with NPT females

Fuel Tank

· 200 litre diesel oil tank, carbon steel construction (for stainless, see options)
· Tank filler breather, and sight level gauge
· Protection runners for level gauges
· Removable hatch for cleaning and inspection

Hydraulic Oil Reservoir

· 600 litre hydraulic oil tank, carbon steel construction (for stainless, see options)
· Low hydraulic oil shut down switch
· High oil temperature shut down
· Tank filler breather, and sight level gauge
· Protection runners for level gauges
· Removable hatch for cleaning and inspection
· Drain point and ball valve


· Suction strainer quick change filter C/W clog indicator and bypass
· Return filter 20 micron tank top C/W clog indicator and bypass


· Overall frame dimensions 2500mm x 1300mm x 2100mm estimate
· Unit Tare and Gross weights to be a maximum of 4000kgs
· The frame will be designed, manufactured and tested to DNV 2.7-1
/EN12079:1999, and certification provided
· A four leg sling set will be provided, conforming to EN12079:1999
· The frame will be designed such that the crash frame is permanently
fixed to the skid
· Power unit floor to incorporate drip try
· 50mm deep folded doors
· All sides of the frame to incorporate crash protection with added protection on vulnerable areas such as control panel and blast cooler.
· 3 coat offshore paint specification (RAL colour code to customer specification.
· Unit identification number to be hard welded on either end and stencilled on all four sides


A documentation package will be provided in CD format, 2 copies, it will consist of and be restricted to
· EC Declaration of Conformity Zone II
· BV Release Note
· Manufactures Information / Data / Certification for Parts Used
· BV Certificate for Offshore Container 2.7-1 / BSEN12079
· 3.1 BS EN 10204:2004 Materials Certification - Frame
· 3.2 BS EN 10204:2004 Materials Certification – Frame
· Load Test Certificates - Frame
· MPI Certificates – Frame
· Lifting Gear Certificates – Frame
· Coating Quality Control Report – Frame
· Welder Qualifications - Frame
· NDT Procedures - Frame
· NDT Operator Qualifications - Frame
· Calibration Certificate - Gauges
· Pressure Test Certificates - Hoses
· Flushing Cleanliness Certificates
· Hazardous Area Certificates
· Operation & Maintenance Instructions
· General Arrangement Drawings
· Detail Drawings / Schematic – Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Safety Shutdown System

Optional Extras:
 Remote emergency stop panel c/w 30mtrs of hose. –
 Noise reducing foam in doors –
 110v platform shutdown –
 Stainless steel hydraulic & fuel tanks –
 Pressure Filtration –
 Hydraulic driven air blast oil cooler

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