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Aker Brattvaag
Self Fleeting Drum Engine for Cabel lay and burial System
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Aker Brattvaag
Cable Lay Winch

Self Fleeting Drum Engine for Cable Lay & Burial System

Maker: Aker Brattvaag / Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd
Drum: Dia 4 mtrs x 1,75 mtr (1,2 mtr usable)
Cantivelvered frame with slew ring bearing
Drum drive: 3 motors 480 V, 292 Amp, 189 kW, 50Hz, 3ph, rpm variable, Ingress protection IP55, Thermistor 155C
Gearbox: 3 reduction gears driving slew ring gir
Cam ring drive: 2 motors
Load measurement: Load cells mounted between frame and deck
Overall dimension: 6,56 x 3,95 x 5,89 mtr
Performance: 30 tonnes Max haul in pull
Max speed at max pull is 30 tonnes at 1 knot
Max 6 knots continuous payout speed
Max 6 tonnes tension at max payout speed
Max 6 knots continuous haul in speed
Max 6 tonnes pull at max haul in speed
Max 8 knots vessel speed
Max 40 tonnes brake holding
Max 100 mm cable dia
Max 400 mm repeater diameter
Max 2100 mm repeater length

Aker Brattvag produced this engine in 2001.
The unit is based on a capstan cable-winding drum mounted as a cantilever from a sub frame attached to a main frame secured to the deck.
The term "Self Fleeting" means that the cable is wound on the drum without the aid of "fleeting knives".
Fleeting knives are guides mounted at the right angles to the lead screw, witch move according to the direction of cable movement. In this manner the
"knives" guide the cable uniformly keeping it neatly wound on the drum preventing bunching, cable crossing or the cable riding off the drum.
The self-fleeting drum dispenses with the guide knives. Staves replace the fleeting knives automatically retaining the cable uniform ly on the drum
whilst being wound.
Winch, Electrical, 30T, Aker Brattvåg - Single Drum - UL05135 - - P1000735.jpgWinch, Electrical, 30T, Aker Brattvåg - Single Drum - UL05135 - - P1000736.jpg

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