Tensioner, Riser, 80K - Double - Shaffer Style - New from stock   QTY.:3 each

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Double Marine Riser tensioners, 80K, new built, tested and certified, c/w operations and maintenance manuals.
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80K Dual MRT

Shaffer Clone 80k Dual MRT, assembled using
· Totally refurbished cylinders, new piston rods, pistons, glands and seals
· Sheaves either new or acceptable used condition
· High pressure bottles cleaned and refurbished, new PRV’s
· Air / oil reservoirs cleaned and refurbished, new sight glasses
· All new xylan bolting, wire locked
· New bearings and dust seals
· All parts cleaned and painted with 3 coat offshore system
· Blind end and rod end weldments cleaned and painted.
This 80k dual MRT will be supplied in as new condition will fully refurbished cylinders and all moving parts either new or as new condition.

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