Winch, Electric, 75 T, Rolls Royce - Single Drum   QTY.:2 each

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Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce Rauma Electric 75T Winch, TW 750 F
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Rolls Royce
TW 750 F

- One rope drum to accommodate 30m of 25mm dia. tag line + 50m of 60mm hawser section + 100m of 116mm dia. hawser section. Drum barrel / flange dia 630 / 1500 mm, length 1400 mm. Drum cylinder and flanges to have ample strength for operation with rope as well as wire.
Drum is provided with a clutch which is normally fixed (bolted) to engaged position but in emergency case the drum can be released from the drive by opening the clutch mechanism.

- Hydraulic operated band brake with stainless steel lining, static capacity 90 ton at outer layer. Partial engagement by springs. Full brake capacity is obtained by both hydraulic pressure and springs (50% / 50%). Thus, in case of lack of whole hydraulic pressure approx. 50% brake capacity is available.

- line pull:
1st layer: 75 ton at O - 10 m/min
37 ton at O - 20
outer layer:
50 ton at O -15 m/min
25 ton at O - 30 m/min

- dynamic braking with electric drive:
1 st layer: 86 ton at O - 10m/min
outer layer: 57 ton at O - 15 m/min

Technical Specification
Electric motor
Maker: Loher AG
Type: AS HA-315S S-04C+S FB 100
Power: 136 kW
Duty: S2 - 30 min/S3-25%
Voltage: 3 x 440 V, 60Hz
Nominal current: 210A
Synchronous speed: 1800 rpm
Asynchronous speed: 1790 rpm
Maximum speed: 3600 rpm
Ambient temperature: -30 - + 45 Degree C
Insulation class: F
Temperature rise: Acc. class F
Protection: IP56
Lubrication: Regreasing facility
Temperature sensor: 3 x thermistor
Heating: 220 VAC 990W, element type ACM 88W
Cable entry: Glands included

Frequency converter
Maker: VACON
Type: 132CX4AONO
Power: 136 kW
Voltage: 3 x 440 V, 60Hz
Current: max 50 degree C
Ambient temperature: Standing on the floor
Construction: IP21
Dimensions: approx. 3 kW with full load
Protection: 514-4390/93
Heat dissipation: Ventilation fans included, air f10w approx.
Cooling 1000 m3/hour
Cable Entry From below, side, front or back
Main Switch Not included
Winch, Electric, 75 T, Rolls Royce - Single Drum - UL05149 - - IMG_5741.jpgWinch, Electric, 75 T, Rolls Royce - Single Drum - UL05149 - - IMG_5742.JPGWinch, Electric, 75 T, Rolls Royce - Single Drum - UL05149 - - IMG_5743.JPG

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