Pump, Mud, Cont. Emsco F1300   QTY.:1 each

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Continental Emsco Mud Pump, Model F-1300. U.S. made. Complete refurbished
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1 each Skid mounted pump unit, consisting out of:

1 each Used Refurbished Continental Emsco Triplex Mud Pump
model 1300 HP with fluid end and discharge manifold
max. liner size x stroke: 7" x 12"
gear ration 4.31:1
Pulsation dampener 20 gallon - 5.000 Psi
Discharge strainer block
Reset relief valve 3"
Mud gauge
Drive assembly c/w one each dual clutch.
Mud pump modules are in fully refurbished condition.
Fluid ends provided with new gaskets, seats, valves, valve
springs and also c/w new piston rods and piston rod clamps.
Liners and pistons included.

Pump is mounted on one heavy duty oilfield skid. Power unit is on one heavy duty oilfield skid also (Total 2 skids).

1 each New Caterpillar Engine model 3516 MUI land mechanical diesel engine, serial: 71Z00421, arrangement no. 4W0285
Fan hub through flywheel housing with load test report, complete with 46/CV radiator

Specification model 3516:
Mechanical engine, direct injected, turbocharged, aftercooled, engine rating: 1400 HP at 1200 RPM, 16-cylinder, 4 cycle, 170 mm bore x 191 mm stroke (6.7 in bore x 7.5 in stroke), counter clockwise rotation (as viewed from flywheel end).


1 each New National Oilwell Varco Torque Converter
model C300-125 FH, complete
inclusive of shock mounted oil temperature and pressure
gauges: integral circulating pump: cooling connections,
heavy duty output shaft and bearings and with the following arrangement:
for direct mounted on a sae # 00 engine flywheel housing;
complete with spline drive, support plates and fresh water
heat exchanger cooling system

Engine alternatives: New Caterpillar Diesel model 3512 DITA
Reconditioned Caterpillar D399

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