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NOV Ideco
Ideco Model E-3000 Drawworks, single drum, rated up to 4000 HP, current 3000 HP Refurbished in 2007. DNV certified.
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NOV Ideco
E 3000
Rebuilt 2007
Certified by DNV in 2007

Drawworks was originally furnished with 3 each GE752 Motors and a Elmagco 7838 Brake. The brake has been sold.

This Ideco Electric Drawworks is a "Heavy Duty" model rated from 2,000 HP to 4,000 HP, and drilling depth range from 20,000 ft to 35,000 ft.
The drawworks was removed from offshore drilling rig that was upgraded in July 2012 and it was in good working condition.
The drawworks was completely refurbished in 2007 as shown on above thumbnail photo and the photos in Refurbished 2007 pdf file.
A complete workshop report and data book is available on request.
Furnished with Lidan brake control system.

There is also a package of spare parts including e.g. brake bands available. Inventory is available on request.

Note: The unit can be updgraded to Ideco D3000 UEDB (with disc brake system)

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