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General Electric
GE752ARB3 High Torque Motor, Series Wound, Rated for 1130HP at 1040RPM, 750VDC. Remanufactured
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General Electric
GE752 motor

Remanufactured GE752ARB3 motors equipped as follows:
1085HP continuous,1150 amps,1320HP intermittent duty,750 VDC
Land rig application motors
Hi Torque GE drilling remanufactured motors
Single shaft (NON ABS)
Series wound VPI’d coils and armatures
New oilfield hub
New drilling frame/bolt on inspection covers/frame machined for Hi torque application/slotted end bell.
230 Volt Intertec XP heater
XP pressure and lock out switch
New stainless steel steel j box for bolt on connections, terminal board, cord grips for motor leads
coming from motor, customer to specify which side location j box.Includes 20 pin connector in j box.

New 646 MCM DLO cables
New T900 brushes/bearings/gaskets/grease
Armature balanced per original spec’s.

New 15 HP "Quiet Clean" Blower assembly, 230x460 volts,60 hertz, w/XP motor,
mild steel, producing 3200cfm air. Self cleaning blower.
National Blue paint
No load testing.
1 year warranty

Full load test:
Spark arrestors/mild steel/exhaust manifolds:
Stainless steel blower:
RTD’s installed in windings (4):
XP RTD terminal box:

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