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Wireline units for well service, see sample description for more information. Units can be made per your specifications. New on order.
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Wireline unit
Drum Capacities by Line Diameter:

In mm Feet Meters
0.092 3.18 25,500 7,772
0.125 3.56 14,500 4,419
3/16 4.76 13,000 3,962
7/32 5.56 10,500 3,200

Typical Applications:
Deviation Surveys
Drill stem Testing

Specifications and Drum Drive Performance:

Hydraulic Assembly Closed Loop, 6,000 p.s.i. Working Pressure
Drive Assembly Direct Drive
Power 25-hp Electric Motor (Explosion-proof), or 25-hp Diesel Engine (22.3 kW)
Brake Assembly High Performance Disc Brake
Infinitely Variable Up-hole or Down-hole 5-1628 fpm
Unit Dimensions 38”Wide x 43”L x 45”H

Drum Performance Line Pull at Core Line Speed at Flange
Bare Drum 4,445 lbs. (2,000 kg) 231 ft./min. (70 m./min.)
Mid Drum 1,170 lbs. (526 kg) 881 ft./min. (268 m./min.)
Full Drum 695 lbs. (312 kg) 1,428 ft./min. (435 m./min

Standard Package Includes:
Steel Drum, machined & fabricated
Hydraulic-adjustable line tension
Electrical components UL certified for hazardous areas (Class 1, Group D, Division 1)
Sheet steel Guards, Panels and Splash Pan for operator and environmental protection
Centerpoint lifting eye
Forklift pockets under skid
Engine compression release and hand-crank starting for diesel engine units
Dupont Imeron Urethane finishes and epoxy primer
Operating, maintenance and parts manuals, English language

Options & Accessories Include:
Certification by international certifying authorities
Depth Measuring Meter (straight-line feed), mounted on arm, English or metric readout
Weight Indicator (lbs. or kg scale)
Collector Ring for conductor line
Electric starting for diesel engine units
Floor Sheave (Hay Pulley)
Comprehensive Operator’s panel
Floor Sheave Stand
Swivel operator’s chair
Levelwind replaces traditional manual steering arm
Hands-free steering relieves the operator to concentrate more specifically on the downhole wireline functions.
Reduced stress on wirelines from the more-even wrap of automatic steering
Line Lubricating System
Weather-resistant Neoprene Cover

The only hydrostatic slick-line unit on the market. This system offers a variable displacement drive. This allows the operator to apply precision amount of stroke at any
pump RPM. Smooth speed and torque changes made “on the fly” for precision control of line tension. Operating controls are simplified with single joystick winch control and one pressure relief for tension control. A “Quick change” drum offers easy exchange. The operator can change in minutes, different pre-spooled drum/lines for various down-hole operations. Modular construction with welded high strength tubular steel frame provides high strength and reliability. Lighter weight allows easy transportation and rig-up for all locations and application.

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