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Australia & N.Z. Location: Queensland, Australia
FMC 1622 (115 gpm, 1300 psi) Mud Pump with Cat Diesel Engine (For Sale or Hire/Rental)
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FMC1622 Mud Pump
This pump is designed to pump fluids using the Triplex Pump to pump down a well head using pressures of up to 1300 psi. The pump skid weighs only 2450kg (wet) and only covers an area of 2.4 m x 1.92 m making it very easy to move into restricted areas due to its compact abilities. Because of its limited size it makes it very easy to transport to various locations. The pump skid is compact yet practical to access any part of the pumps.

Pressure: Maximum 1300 psi - Minimum 100psi
Fluids used: Various grades of Muds, water.

Excellent unit for open hole top section and HQ coring to depth as discussed using BOP
Model – FMC-L1622HV
Cat Diesel Engine
205 Lt Fuel Tank
FMC 1622 Bean Pump MAX GPM IS 115.5 AT 1300 PSI
10m X 1.5” Hose WP1450 PSI on hose reel with hand winch retrack
3” Cam lock suction port. (No hose supplied)
Pressure Gauge 0 TO 3000 PSI
Shear Pin Pressure Relief Valve
Pulsation Dampiner
Aux 1” discharge bleed off valve
Electronic over Hydraulic Pressure/Stroke Control – Cabled – Remote Control with E-Stop
GPRS Engine Monitoring and GPS Positioning built in. Inc. Engine Hours.
Electric Start – Maintenance Free Batteries
Fire Extinguisher
Spark Arrestor and safety covered exhaust manifold.
Less than -90 db Noise Output
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