Pump, Mud, Containerised Jack Up, LW446 (550gpm)   QTY.:1 each

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Australia & N.Z. Location: Queensland, Australia
Lw446 Containerised Jack Up Mud Pump
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LW446 Containerised Mud Pumps offer ease of transport and productivity gains

PROVIDING mobility and ease of transport, the LW446 containerised jack-up mud pumps have a jack-up leg system that retracts to within the container dimensions. The jack-up system enables the pump to be lifted to allow a semitrailer to back in under the unit, making it easy to load, unload and transport to, from or around site. With no cranes or lifting machines required, the clients’ costs are reduced.

The containerised form of these units means they can easily be shipped to drilling contractors all around the world and can assist with noise reduction, security and safety.
Unlike skid-mounted units which are exposed to the elements, these units are protected and operate undercover within the container. At night, during transport or storage, they can be locked up and secured. The performance, output and variable specifications of the jack-up pump can be altered to suit a client’s exact drilling requirements, resulting in productivity gains.

The pumps are driven by state-of-the-art Cat C11 diesel engines.
Pump, Mud, Containerised Jack Up, LW446 (550gpm) - UL05753 - Quipbase.com - UL05753_MG_9896.jpgPump, Mud, Containerised Jack Up, LW446 (550gpm) - UL05753 - Quipbase.com - UL05753_MG_9929.jpg

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