Heater, Oil Inlet, 5413 kW   QTY.:1 each

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Defaunay et Fils
Oil Inlet Heater, L=3220 x 891, H, 5413kW, Design Pressure 28bar, Design Temperature: -20/205. TAG CE 607.
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Defaunay et Fils

Service: Oil Inlet Heater
L=3220 x 891
Nominal Diameter: 740 mm x 4600 mm
Rating: 5413 kW
Shell side, design pressure: 18.5 bar, Test pressure: 27.75 bar
Tube side, design pressure: 28 bar, Test pressure: 48 bar
Design Temperature: -20 / 205 deg. C
Shell side, in: 12" x 300 lbs RF Out: 12" x 300 lbs RF
Tube side, in: 6" x 300 lbs RF Out: 6" x 300 lbs RF

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