Slick Line Unit, Mathey   QTY.:1 each

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Mathey Sidwinder slickline, 21000 ft .092 stainless, unused surplus
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1 each Slickline unit Mathey Sidewinder with 21000 ft .092 stainless slickline, new unused.

Standard Package:
This unit has greater pulling power, for deep wells, yet it’s compact enough for rig floor operation - 36” x 44” x 48", and weights approximately 2,000 lbs. complete.

Drum Capacity: 25,000' of .092" line, line speed 1,200 per minute, 1538 lbs. line

Electrical Components are UL Certified for Hazardous areas (Class 1, Group D, Division 1)

Controls positioned for operator efficiency and safety

Sheet steel guards, panels and drip pan for operator and environmental protection

Centerpoint lifting eye

Forklift pockets on skid

Hand crank for rig up and rig down

Quallity and Compliance Certificates Available

Offshore coating or high gloss urethane

Depth measuring meter, Footage and Metric

Dual spring-balanced rack arm for mounting the measuring meter

Drum Performance:

1st Gear: 3,035 lbs. (line pull at core wrap), 440 ft/min. line speed at Flange.

2nd Gear: 1,800 lbs. (line pull at core wrap), 740 ft/min. line speed at Flange.

3rd Gear: 975 lbs. (line pull at core wrap), 1,375 ft/min. line speed at Flange.

Reverse: 3,395 lbs. (line pull at core wrap), 365 ft/min. line speed at Flange.
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