Crane Spare Parts, Bucyrus Erie MK60 and MK35 Misc   QTY.:On request

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Bucyrus Erie
Misc Bucyrus Erie MK-60 and MK-35 Offshore Pedestal Crane parts, Boom sections, slew bearings, winches etc.
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Bucyrus Erie
MK-60 and MK-35 parts

BE cranes parts (can be delivered refurbished with certificates)

BE MK 60
1 EACH MK60 Crane boom (to be refurbished)
1 EACH MK60 slew ring
MK60 winches (main and aux.)
1 EACH Radiator
1 EACH MK35 Crane boom
1 EACH MK35 main winch (to be refurbished)
1 EACH MK35 Boom winch (to be refurbished)

Note: Complete MK60 and MK35 booms, or boom sections can be delivered new manufactured by order.

Hydraulic parts:
1 EACH 2102617 PUMP,WHIP MAIN,FOR CRANE MK35 64916522 (MOD: 22-2121 / CCW)
1 EACH 2102618 MOTOR,SWING,FOR CRANE MK35 & MK60 82628302 (MOD: 22-3068-MF)
1 EACH 2102620 PUMP,SWING,FOR CRANE MK35 64916702 (MOD: 22-2111 / CCW)
1 EACH 2102622 MOTOR,BOOM,FOR CRANE MK35 82628309 (MOD: 22-3056-MF)
1 EACH 2102640 Main/whip pump for crane Type mk60 64916705 (SPV24-2048CCW + NL96-06-98427)
1 EACH 2102641 Swing pump SPV24-2052 for crane Type mk60. 64916704 (MOD: SPV24-2052 / LH) + test report
1 EACH 2102642 MOTOR,BOOM,CRANE MK60 (used); 82628305 (MOD: 23-3052-MF / 23-3082-MF)

Sumitomo Crawler Crane
Sumitomo Sc800 1 each 9m boom insert
Crane Spare Parts, Bucyrus Erie MK60 and MK35 Misc - UL06271 - - UL 06271 B.E. MK35 boom section 001.JPG

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