Winch, Hydraulic, 60 Te, Mooring   QTY.:5 each

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Listing ID: UL 06732
Mooring Winch, 60 Te with spooling device, capacity 1200 x 44 mm wire. ABS certificate. In very good condition.
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Pull at 1st layer: 60 Te x 10 m/min,
Drum capacity: 1000 m x 48 mm Ø / 1200 x 44 mm Ø
Brake holding: 130 Te at 1st layer
Brake: Band type, Hydraulic operated with manual override
Gearing: Spur gear with pinion
Clutch: Hydraulic operated claw type
Auto Spooler: Level winder furnished with manual de-clutch
Hydraulic motor: 2 each Radial Piston Motors
Control: Local hydraulic control levers
Hydr. Pressure: 250 bar
Flow: 400 lpm (recommended)
L x W x H: 3100 mm x 2680 mm x 2350 mm
Weight: 17 Te
Winch, Hydraulic, 60 Te, Mooring - UL06732 - - UL 06732 Picture_003.jpgWinch, Hydraulic, 60 Te, Mooring - UL06732 - - UL 06732 Picture_006.jpg

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