BOP, 21-1/4", 5000 psi, Double Ram - Hydril   QTY.:2 each

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Listing ID: UL 06827
West EUROPE Location: Agotnes, Norway
GE Hydril
21 1/4" 5K psi Hydril double ram BOPs complete with K/C valves. Used condition.
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GE Hydril
Double Ram BOP

The BOPs are used and due for new 5-yearly certification.
Connections: 21-1/4" 5000 psi API Type 6BX Flange
All fasteners (studs and nuts) were changed with new certified fasteners in 2012.

Documentation: Complete original data books with material certificates, historic maintenance information and full data book on last 5-yearly OEM certification in 2012 is available.

We also a have a lot of spare parts available including 2 each double ram bodies, 4 each spare ram door assemblies, misc. ram blocks, test tool, C/K valves etc.

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