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Need AC drive system for land rig with feed from power grid.
On request
- Power Grid Transformer, Dry Type, Skid Mounted with weather protection
Rated, 11KV, 690VAC, 6MVA, 50HZ.
Complete with active front end/harmonic filter to meet IEC/CENELEC
Filter can be contained in the VFD/MCC drive building.
High voltage switchgear on the primary side to be supplied by utility provider.

- Transformers 750KVA, 690/400VAC, 50HZ step down, Dry Type. Feeding 2 x MCC’s. in Control Room
Skid Dimensions no more than, 50ft long x 11ft wide x 12ft high.

- VFD/MCC Control Building, Skid Mounted, Climate Controlled, containing,

* Three [3] Generator Control Cubicles that feed a common horizontal 690v bus.
Containing circuit breakers, synch controls et’c, for
Generator, Stamford, 1859kw, 2285kva, 0.8pf, 3 phase, 690volt, 50 Hz.
Engine, Detroit, 16V4000, Model G63, rated 2635bhp, @ 1500 rpm.
Only one [1] Generator connected as Emergency on this project.

* One [1] AC Drive line up that contains a series of drive bays that in turn contain
multiple drives to power the Draworks VFD rated motor and two [2] VFD rated
motors on each of two Mud Pumps.

* Two [2] MCC [ Motor Control Centres] that are fed through externally mounted
air cooled step down transformers 750kva each, 690/400volt.

* MCC units in turn feed a common plug board installed in the end of the building
this in turn distributes power to the various rig loads.

* One [1] main plug board, installed on the end of the building, with doors on the
front access side, protection plugs mechanically and from weather.

* One [1] Active Harmonic Filter on the 690vac common bus to above spec.

* One [1] Step-down Distribution Transformer for power and lighting panels
Rated 225amp, 400/230volt, 50Hz, Panels located within building.

* One [1] HVAC unit c/w condenser to keep temp and humidity at constant level.

* One [1] 1600amp circuit breaker should be included main board to supply
new AC driven Topdrive Unit planned.

* Skid Dimensions should be kept to above sizes if possible.

- Drilling AC Drive Motors compatible with drives, CE.Marked, Atex Approved for
use in Hazardous Area, Zone 1. Rated 1000hp, and interchangeable.
Connection boxes on Mud Pump motors outward facing.

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