Drawworks, Wirth, GH 2800 EG - 2300 HP - AC Drive   QTY.:1 each

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West EUROPE Location: Agotnes, Norway
MH-WIRTH / Wirth Int.
Wirth type GH 2800 EG AC Drawworks, single drum, disc brakes, 2 each Siemens AC Motors, with AC Drive System, Few hours. In very good condition.
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MH-WIRTH / Wirth Int.
GH 2800 EG-AC-1G

H 2800 EG AC Drawworks:
Wirth gear-driven drawworks have created a new standard in terms of performance.

They provide increased safety, performance and availability while reducing weight, noise and vibration.

The GH 2800 EG AC Drawworks is furnished with 2 each Siemens AC Motors, rated 890 kW, Type 1SA2531-ONA03, ATEX.

An AC Drive (Frequency Converter) system is also available for the two drawworks motors:

Comprising two Siemens 1200 kW, 1100 A AC Drives mounted in one panel (circa 5.75 m long) in a common LER container.
Siemens model 6SE7041-2WL60-1AA0

Power requirement is 690 VAC, 3 PH, 60 HZ.

1 General

The Drawworks has a nominal rating of 2300 HP and is driven by two variable speed 690V SIEMENS AC motors.

The Drawworks Main Drive Motors have a dual function and are used to drive and brake the Drawworks.

2 Associated Systems & Packages

The Drawworks Main Drive Motors are powered from 690V variable speed drive.

The Drawworks package is a stand alone sub-system.
The communication between the respective Drawworks systems such as Drawworks Control System and Anti Collision System are established by the Drawworks Interface PLC (DIP). DIP communicates with the ASDS system via a Profibus DP serial line. Safety related signals i.e. emergency stop signals shall be hardwired.

Interface to the MCC will be established via the ASDS Profibus DP serial link. Siemens technical literature covering these systems should be referred to for definitive details of these systems.

3 Braking Systems

The Drawworks is equipped with two braking systems, these are:

3.1 Regenerative Brake

The regenerative Braking is the drawworks main braking system. During dynamic braking using the regenerative mode energy will be transfer to breaking resistors. The motor braking is generated from the DIP and executed by the Siemens Drive System. Detailed system description may be found in their technical

documentation for the VSD packages.

3.2 Disc Brake

The Disc Brake is operated via the Drawworks Control Cubicle. The Drawworks Disc Brake is coupled directly to the Drawworks drum shaft .The disc braking system comprises of a rotor disc, complete with two sets of callipers and a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) for brake operation.

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