Well Intervention Vessel Equipment Package   QTY.:One Lot

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West EUROPE Location: Agotnes, Norway
Aker Maritime Hydraulics / MHWirth
Subsea Light Well Intervention WI, Subsea Workover Rig package, derrick 250 ton hook load, drawworks, active heave compensation, tensioners, pipehandling equipment etc.
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Aker Maritime Hydraulics / MHWirth
W.I. rig package

The Subsea Light Well Intervention Equipment can be upgraded for performing workover operations.
Equipment is manufactured in 2003 and was used for a few years onboard MV Regalia Well Intervention Vessel (Semi-submersible Rig) See picture.
The Riserless Light Well Intervention technology – RLWI – was developed in cooperation with Statoil and tested on Prosafe MSV Regalia. Intervention was performed on subsea wells on the Statfjord Nord, Visund, and Åsgård field and the results were excellent.

We can split the package and sell individual equipment out of this package.

The Package of Well Intervention Equipment comprises (not limited to):

Derrick Structure. Maximum Hook Load 226MT. C/w Wind Walls. More info here
- Drawworks Wirth GH2800 EG AC 1G with 2 x AC Variable Speed Drive Motors. Disc Brakes. 1-3/8" Wireline. More info here:
UL 04284
- Drillers Cabin with Control Panels. More info here: UL 05681
- Switchgear Container (LER) with AC drives
for drawworks and starters. More info here: UL 05622
- Travelling Block. 350T. 1-3/8" Wireline. More info here: UL 05487
- Elevator Link Yolk with Link Tilt. (Used in conjunction with Travelling Block and Heave Compensator)
- Hydraulic access Basket (Cherry Picker) 300Kgs SWL. With Remote Control Stand. More info here:
UL 04987
SOLD: - Hydraulic Tubular Stabbing Arm and Remote Control Stand.
- Hydraulic Cat heads Ezy Torque - Maritime Hydraulics. More info here: UL 05696
- Hydraulic Drill Line Reel c/w 1500m 1-3/8" Drill Line. More info here: UL 05489
- Dead Line Anchor with Martin Decker E80 Load Cell. More info here: UL 05488
- Upper and Lower Guide Dollys
- Compensator, Drill String, M.H. In-line heave compensator - Capacity 250 tons - 500,000 lbs x 18 ft stroke. More info here: UL 05737
- Inline Active Heave Compensator. More info here: UL 05491
- Deadline Heave Compensator, Tensioner, 226 Te Hook Load. Max Stroke 5.4 m. More info here: UL 04555
- APV Bank. Vessel, pressure, air, 2400 psi x 1000 ltr. More info here: UL 05516
- Catwalk Machine, Riser Handling Conveyor. (Tube Diameter with up to 14" Flange OD). More info here: UL 05952
- Triplex Pipe Handler Crane. SWL 2T. Up to 9-5/8" Diameter. More info here: UL 05490
- Burner Boom (burner head is missing). More info here: UL 06344

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