Catwalk Machine, Aker Maritime Hydraulics - Conveyor   QTY.:1 each

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Listing ID: UL 05952
West EUROPE Location: Agotnes, Norway
Aker Maritime Hydraulics
Horizontal Riser and Pipe handling machine, Pipe Conveyor, handles tubulars up to 14" OD (flange), 15 m length and 1.9 Te weight.
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Aker Maritime Hydraulics
Horizontal Pipe Conveyor

Horizontal Catwalk Drill Pipe, Drill Collar, Casing and Riser Handling machine

Pipe weight capacity: 1.9 Te (the capacity may be upgraded).

Main Data:
Supply pressure: 210 Bar / 3000 psi
Hydraulic Flow: 37 lpm
L x W x H: 16390 x 1030 x 2264 mm
Total Weight: 6850 kg

This is a part of a Well Intervention Package. Link to more info for Listing ID: UL 04556.

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