Winch, Electric, 33 Te, Mooring - Double Drum - Unused   QTY.:2 each w/double drums

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Brusselle Mooring Winch, Rated Pull 33 Te / Brake Force 42 Te. Capacity 220 m x 56 mm wire. Warping head. Power 74 kW, 440 V, 60 HZ, 3 PH. New/Unused.
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EMO 34/2S-2

Electric Mooring Winches Type EMO 34/2S-2

" All shafts running on largerly dimensioned roller- or ball bearings.
" Totally enclosed reduction gearbox, oil bath lubrication. Number of mechanical speed steps; 1
" Standstill heating foreseen in the oil bath with thermostat.
" Electric motor flange mounted on gearbox, parallel to the main shaft.
" The brake bolts and spindles are made of stainless steel and with individual grease nipples.
" All pivot points equipped with stainless steel shafting with bronze bushes, all to
" be fitted with brass grease nipples.

Drum; Design:
Split type
" Quantity: 2
" Dimensions; dia 368 / dia. 1675 / 455 + 470 mm length for storing 220 m rope ø56 mm in 2 + 10 layers. Breaking load of the rope: 688kN.
" Each drum provided with dog clutch and band brake, both hand operated.

Warping head:
" Quantity: 2
" Cast steel
" Minimum dia. 375 mm., coiling dia. 430 mm.
" Fixed on the main shaft.

Winch Fixation;
Gearbox foreseen with lengthened side-, forward- and aft- plating for direct welding on deck. End pedestals on closed-box foundation with mounting blocks incl. stoppers & bolts (Stainless Steel A4). All spaces around the foundation to be reached for easy maintenance.

Electric Equipment per winch:
1. E-motor:
1.1. Squirrel cage type
1.2. 3 x 440 V -60 Hz
1.3. Protection IP.56
1.4. Form: B5
1.5. Number of speeds: 3 in 12/6/2 poles
1.6. with anti condensation heating, thermistors and electro/magnetic brake.
1.7. Power: S2 - 5/20/10¹ : 37/74/74 kW
1.8. Max. torque : 1,25 x Nom. Torque
2. A control cubicle (IP.54) with all necessary control elements with anti-condensation heating, ampere meter and hour counter. Foreseen for wall mounting below deck, with all required control elements.
3. A double control column (IP.56) for deck mounting with only the master controllers and emergency stop push-buttons; allowing local of each winch from PS & SB control position. Incl. standstill heating.
4. Two push-buttons, in watertight box, mounted on the winch-gearbox, and for (dis)engaging of the couplings.

" On one mooring drum first layer dia. 424 mm. First/Second/Third speed step: Nom.: 333/333/111 kN at 6/12/36 m/min Max.: 420/420/130 kN. Static brake holding force: 80% of minimum breaking strength of wire, on first layer.
" On one warping head: coiling dia. 430 mm. Nom.: 109 kN at 36,5 m/min Max.: 122kN

Winch, Electric, 33 Te, Mooring - Double Drum - Unused - UL05644 - - DSC04696.JPGWinch, Electric, 33 Te, Mooring - Double Drum - Unused - UL05644 - - P1020204.JPGWinch, Electric, 33 Te, Mooring - Double Drum - Unused - UL05644 - - P1020209.JPG

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