Flex Joint, for 13-5/8 riser   QTY.:1 each

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Listing ID: UL 05943
Oil states
13-5/8” LP Flex Joint, BX 160 Flanges.
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Oil states
13-5/8" Low preassure Flex Joint

1 each Oil States 13-5/8” LP Flex Joint, BX 160 Flanges
Totally Refurbished and Modified from Original to a Top Flange of 13-5/8” BX 160
Flex Joint Supplied with Lloyds Release Certificate (Witness of Testing/Inspection.)
Test Pressure 900psi
Date of Refurbishment 2013
Top Connection –13-5/8” BX160 Flange
Bottom Connection-13-5/8” BX160 Flange
Maximum Operating Pressure Rating of Flex Joint (low pressure 600psi)
Full MRB of Refurbishment and modification available
Modified Height of Flex Joint Flange face to Flange Face = 52” High
Weight of Modified Flex Joint = 2,630 Kgs
Full Data Book available
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