Riser, Well Testing and Production, 6-5/8" Monobore   QTY.:75 joints

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Listing ID: UL 06114
West EUROPE Location: Bergen, Norway
Monobore Production Riser String, Landing string, 6-5/8" x 14 m (46 ft), G-105, FMC69 Connection, Stress joints assemblies, GrantPrideco H-Series.
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6-5/8" G-105 Double Slip Proof Drillpipe

This drillpipe riser was part of the workover riser system previously used on CHINGUETTI PROJECT.

Size: 6-5/8"
Grade: G-105
Wall: 0.598"
Inside diameter: 5-1/4"
Connection: FMC-69 8-1/2" OD x 5-1/4" ID
Pin Tong: 37"
Box Tong: 17"
Total Weight 2401 lb. (1089 kg.) each w/o Thread Protectors

1. 1 Milled Slot 0.250" Deep for Identification Stamping
2. Protectors Shown as Dotted Lines.
3. Back 2" from Shoulder after Each Recut. Recut Length 7"
4. From Elevator Shoulder 4" along Box. Recut Length 1-3/4" approx.
5. Make-Up Torque: 55-60,000 ft-lbs
6. Fit Stabbing Guide on Box Prior to Stabbing Pin to Box. Run Box Up.
7. 100% 15ksi Hydrostatic Pressure Test and Drift Tested on All Joints

Tuboscope inspection report available upon request.

Various size Pup Joints also available.

Furnished with Riser Transportation Racks.

Some high pressure joints also available with FMC Speedloc connections.

This is a part of a IWOCS, WOCS Subsea Production Equipment package. Link to more info for Listing ID: UL 06079.

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