Hoist, Chain, Air, 80 ton SWL ( BOP handling system)   QTY.:1 system 2 x 40 ton

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JD Neuhous
JD Neuhaus 80T BOP Handling system, The system consists of two (2) each 40T capacity monorail air chain hoists. Refurbished
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JD Neuhous

Overhauled 80 ton capacity BOP handling system. The system consists of two (2) each 40t capacity monorail air chain hoists. System model number BH80. Individual hoist model numbers: EH40.
Each hoist equipped as follows:
 30ft height of lift (HOL).
 Chain containers for 30ft HOL.
 3 strands corrosion resistant new chain; 23.5 x 66mm.
 Overload protection.
 Motorized trolley.
 Filter & lubricator mounted on the trolley.
 Main air emergency stop.
 Offhsore package for use in offshore installations.
 Hand held control suspended at 26ft.
 Control type: 4-button hand held brass control; W/ E-stop.
 Paint finish – multi coat epoxy for “offshore” application
 Upper and lower over-travel limits
 Trolley can accommodate a beam with lower flange of 9” min to 14.57” max and a max thickness of 2.5”. Customer to provide lower flange width at time of order.
 Dimensional and performance data can be supplied upon request.
All monorail air chain hoists overhauled which are used in BOP handling or offshore applications are completed according an approved overhaul process scope of work which complies with JDN’s technical directive #KDS-003. At completion, each hoist is recognized as if its service life is “As New” and complies with JDN’s required 5 year certification.
Equipment documentation: At completion of an overhaul, the following documentation accompanies each BOP Handling System or hoists.
 Load test documentation graphed over time which includes calibration of overload protection devices and application of overload.
 NDT certificates of the lower hook and block, examined after completion of the load test.
 FAT documentation.
 Chain Certificates.
 Overhaul Certificate

Air Hoist Transporter available for extra cost.
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