BOP, 18 3/4", 10000 psi, Single Ram - Cameron U2   QTY.:1 each single

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Listing ID: UL 04632
West EUROPE Location: Agotnes, Norway
CIW BOP 18 3/4" -10K, Type UII, hub connection, 1 each single ram BOP with 10K Hub connections. Original OEM Documentation.
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P/N 235940-00-55-01
Type UII
Report by Cameron available

Cameron 18 3/4" x 10,000 PSI WP Single type UII Ram BOP, Top/bottom connection: #27 Clamp Hub x BX164 ring groove, furnished with 2 ea. 4 1/16" #6 Clamp Hub side outlets x BX155 ring grooves, SS Lined Ring grooves, H2S service, Wedge lock assemblies. Part Number 235940-00-55-01, Serial Number: FB-1303.

Weight: 12.5 Te

Misc. accessories:
1 set CIW no. 27 Clamp assemblies (18 3/4" 10K).
3 set CIW no. 6 Clamp assemblies. (4 1/16" 10K).
(No Ram blocks included

Note: Double ram Blow Out Preventer and annular Blow Out Preventers previously listed were sold.

The equipment was previously used as surface BOP for a few years on the Heimdal fixed wellhead platform in the North Sea.
The equipment has been dismantled for inspection and repair.
Inspection report from Cameron is available upon request.
Some minor parts are missing: tba.

1 Set of original OEM traceability documentation included.
The BOP stack was originally certified by DNV for use offshore in Norway..

Note: The CIW type "U2" BOP has many parts that interchange with the type "U" BOP.

We can also supply more no. 27 Clamp assemblies and 1 each 18 3/4" 10,000 PSI High Pressure Risers (8 m), see UL 04633

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