Compensator, Drill String, M.H. - Capacity 250 tons - 500k x 18 ft   QTY.:1 each

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Listing ID: UL 05737
West EUROPE Location: Agotnes, Norway
Aker M.H.,
In-line Passive Heave Compensator, Aker M.H., PHC / DSC Rated: 226 Te (500k lbs) hook load, w/2 each cylinders, Stroke: 5.4 m (17.7 ft). Like new.
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Aker M.H.,
DSC, In-line Drill String Motion Compensator

Compensator capacity: 226 Tonnes hook load (excl. weight of the complete travelling assembly)
The Inline Passive Heave Compensator PHC / DSC consisting of:
2 x Compensator cylinder
• Stroke : 5400 mm
• Bore diameter : Ø 330 mm
• Rod diameter : Ø 100 mm
• Working pressure (Rode side) : 160 bar
• Working pressure (Bottom side) : Vaccum
• Design pressure : 200 bar
• Static test pressure : 300 bar
• Hydraulic medium : Water/ glycol (Erifon 818)
• Position measuring system : CIMS MK II RS-422A

The DSC / PHC assembly is consisting of:
• PHC cylinders

• Overspeed valve
• Travelling block with dolly
• Upper yoke

• Locking device
• Pipe handler with tilt

Weight of the complete DSC / PHC travelling assembly: 22485 kg (dry)

Note: Pictures show the drill string compensator (DSC / PHC) hooked up to the travelling block and Elevator Link Yoke with Link Tilt. (Used in conjunction with Travelling Block and Heave Compensator)

This is a part of a Well Intervention Package. Link to more info for Listing ID: UL 04556.

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