Crane Spare Parts, Stothert & Pitt OS-200 - Package   QTY.:On request

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West EUROPE Location: Agotnes, Norway
Stothert & Pitt, Caterpillar, Etc.
Misc spare parts for Stothert & Pitt Model OS-200, OS-150 cranes, Caterpillar 3412 Engines, see excel list for download below.
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Stothert & Pitt, Caterpillar, Etc.

- Caterpillar 3412 Diesel Engines spare parts (Lot)
- Gear Boxes:
- Planet Gear Lohmann Stolterfoht GmBh Model DFW 150D100S
- Slewing Gear, Swing Gear, Lohmann Stolterfoht GmBh Model GFB 112K2038 see UL 07178
- Winch Gear Box, Flender AG, Type SOND 550 No. 423705010-2-1
- Swing Bearing / Slew Bearing for Stothert & Pitt OS-200 crane, see UL 06542
- Winch, Main, complete, 17 Te SWL Main Drum for OS-200 crane for Stothert & Pitt OS-200 crane
- Winch, boom topping, complete, 20 Te SWL Model T1071-291-01, with Siebenhaar brakes no. 115 and 19, Weight: 2850 kg, for Stothert & Pitt OS-200 crane, see UL 07299
- Cylinder
- Radiator, Hydr. Oil see UL 06912.
- Ultimate Protection Unit for OS-200 crane / Overload Protection System, see UL 07219
- Split gear for two motors and 8 each hydraulic pumps see UL 05483
- Hydraulic Motors, Staffa HMC200 motors (refurbished) see UL 04695 and UL 06985.
- Slip Ring, A.C. Smith & Co AS, Model S-300 EEx de IIC T3, IP56 80A 440VAC
SOLD: - some of the sheaves.
SOLD: - Split gear for Caterpillar 3412, Splitter Gear Box Sonder 268
SOLD: - Hydraulic Pumps, Denison P11P (new)

- Wire rope, 32 mm x 420 m, see UL 05032
SOLD: - Wire rope, 36 mm x 467 m, see UL 05032
- etc. etc.
More information available on request.

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